Zero Down: "The Real Deal"
Thank you for your interest in our Zero Down Home Purchase Programs. You've taken the first step to making the American Dream of homeownership a reality.

As you know, the hardest part of buying a home is trying to save the large down payment required to buy a home. For the average homebuyer, putting 20% down is just not possible, and in most cases, just not smart. Even the 5% down programs are out of reach for most people. Imagine if the need for a down payment was eliminated. With our programs, the need for a down payment is eliminated. Even if you have cash, why would you give it up when the difference in mortgage payments is so minimal it just makes sense to find more useful things you can do with your hard earned money.
You say, "Don't I need to have excellent credit?" The answer is "NO". In recent years there have been 1,000's of programs brought to market that can help people with all types of credit and income situations. Whether you have good, bad, or no credit, you may qualify. Whether you are W2'd, 1099'd, or self-employed, you may qualify.
Normal Program Qualifications
  • Minimum of 2 year employment or self-employment work history. This can be
    waived if you are a recent college or trade school grad.
  •  Last 2 years of good credit { past bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, repossessions,
    slow credit will not disqualify you from most programs}
  • Save an amount equal to the normal first month's rent and security deposit
    required for renting ( minimum of $1,500 ). { This can be a gift, grant, borrowed, etc...}
If you are serious about becoming a homeowner NOW, you need to take the next step and to see if you can become a homeowner. This service is FREE and painless. Imagine what it would be like to own your own home. It could happen, but won't unless you make the effort and try.

Take the First Step Now!!!


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